What is Jeep Trails?

Jeep Trails is a four-wheel-drive adventure, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. It is for Jeep owners only, and caters to every level of expertise. Experienced guides will help navigate you through scenic landscapes and some of the most challenging off-road situations, you never thought your Jeep vehicle was capable of. Best of all, you’ll be meeting and making new friends along the way.

How much does a Jeep Trail cost?

The fees of each trail varies. So you may have to check each Trail’s page for the details. Payment needs to be made to the account number given on each Trail’s page. The entire fee must be paid in advance. In case any payment/fee is received after the ‘Trail participation quota’ is filled, the money will be refunded.

What does the Trail participation fee cover?

The Trail participation fee covers accommodation, food, and additional benefits and perks that may be included with each specific Trail. It does not cover the cost of your fuel, any repairs you may need, or the cost of getting you to the starting point location.

Can I expect any additional cost besides the participation fee?

Any additional food or drinks that you may want to purchase, fuel or repairs that you may need on the Trail, will not be included in the fee.
Please refer to the inclusions and exclusions on the website.

Will vegetarian meals be available?

Yes, there will be an option of vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals.

Could my vehicle be damaged during the Trail? Will I have to pay for a service if my car breaks down?

Every effort is made to make the Trails as safe as possible. We advise you to follow the trainings and instructions very closely. However, there may be a possibility of your vehicle getting damaged while travelling through rough terrains.

Can we explore places other than ones mentioned in the itinerary?

The itinerary is fixed and we will be traveling as a convoy. It is not possible to deviate from the itinerary.

Is it safe to drive on the planned route?

The Jeep Trail routes are planned after a thorough recce of the area, done by event organizers and off-road guides to make the Trails as safe as possible.

Can we extend our stay at the accommodation booked?

It will not be possible to extend your stay through the Jeep Trails team. However, participants can directly reach out to the hotel to discuss the same.