JEEP® Trails – Jim Corbett 2019 TERMS AND CONDITIONS

“JEEP® Trails” is a signature program exclusive for JEEP® Owners presented by FCA India Automobiles Private Limited (“FCA India”). The “JEEP® Trails” program is aimed as a Pan-India community building initiative by FCA India where JEEP® owners would get together and explore various picturesque locations in their JEEP®’s. A perfect setting to take the path less travelled and experience offbeat locations, which promises to offer an off-roading expedition like none other, while also giving JEEP® owners the opportunity to meet like-minded people from the JEEP® family while experiencing convoy drives on both on-road and off-road, camping experiences, adventure trail drive and activities accompanied by JEEP® instructors. The Tiger Trails is the first trails of 2019 as a part of the JEEP® Trails Program

The Tiger Trails is governed by the following Terms & Conditions:

1) Definitions:

1.1) “Program” means events, drives and all activities undertaken in the JEEP® Trails Program for JEEP® Owners presented by FCA India.
1.2) “Primary Participant” means the JEEP® owner who has agreed to attend the JEEP® Trails Program as per the terms and conditions herein.
1.3) “Secondary Participant” means those participant(s) who are accompanying the Primary Participant during the JEEP® Trails and are above 18 years of age.
1.4) “Primary Participant and Secondary Participant(s)” are hereinafter also referred to as “Participants”.
1.5) “Promoter” means Agency Partners on record.
1.6) “Participant Car” means product of JEEP® Brand owned by Primary Participant

2) Primary Participant needs to be a JEEP® owner.

3) Age of Participants driving should 18 years or above.

4) There is No Age bar for Participants attending the Program and children are allowed, however Parents/Legal Guardians of children below 18 years are requested to consult their doctor or make them fully aware of the risk and danger involved high altitude travel and then make their decision of travel.

5) Maximum number of occupants in the “Participant Car” can be 4 people which includes “Primary Participant”, Secondary Participant and Child(ren).

6) Each Primary Participant can bring a maximum two (2) “Secondary Participants” OR one (1) “Secondary Participant” with Maximum two (2) Children.

7) Participation into this Program is at Participant’s own, independent, sole and absolute discretion.

8) The participants are responsible for carrying all the reverent vehicle ownership and registration documents for their car and at least one identity proof of each member of the car.

9) In case the car is company owned the participants has to carry NOC from the company for using it in the Program, the same has to be shown to the relevant Authorities.

10) It is the Participant’s responsibility to ensure anyone driving the vehicle at any point of time shall possess a valid Driver's Licenses issued by the State of his or her residence.

11) Participants will operate the Vehicle per Instructor’s briefing and guidelines during the entire program.

12) During the entire Program, Participants will drive his/her car under instructions by the instructor and shall not partake in rash driving or for racing, drag racing or any other competitive purposes during the Program period.

13) The Participants will not operate the Vehicle in violation of any law, ordinance or regulation. OPERATION OF THE VEHICLE WHILE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ILLEGAL DRUGS OR ALCOHOL IS FORBIDDEN.

14) The Participant represents that he or she has not been convicted of driving while intoxicated, reckless driving or any other crime associated with the operation of a motor vehicle, resulting in the suspension of his or her driver's license during the past two (2) years. The Participants understands that failing to disclose past convictions is in violation of this agreement and will result in immediate termination from the Program and could result in legal action by the Promoter, venue owner and FCA India against the Participants.

15) Participants are aware of all applicable laws of the land including but not limited to sexual harassment and agrees that he/she will adhere to such laws and rules made thereunder.

16) Participants are aware that in the case of gross negligence, willful misconduct and non-adherence to the rules, guidelines, laws, instructions and briefing will constitute a breach of these Terms and Conditions and will result in immediate termination from the Program and could result in legal action by the Promoter, venue owner and FCA India against the Participants. In case of termination from the Program, the Participant shall not be entitled for refund of Participation Fee and the Participant is required to incur and bear his return expenses at his own.

17) The Participants alone will be liable for, and will hold promoter, venue owner and FCA India harmless from, ALL FINES OR PENALTIES IF ANY IMPOSED UNDER ANY LAW, ORDINANCE OR REGULATIONS against his/her Vehicle or against the Participants during operation of his/her Vehicle during the Program.

18) In the Program, any accident or damage, loss to third Party which may result in, Death or injury to self or third party or co-Participants, participants will comply with formalities required under the applicable laws and keep the Operating Agency, Promoter, venue owner and FCA India indemnified against any kind of harm or losses or Responsibility.

19) In the Program, any accident or damage, Participants will comply with formalities required under the applicable laws and keep the Promoter, venue owner and FCA India indemnified against any kind of harm or losses.

20) The Participants represents that he or she and all Secondary Participants in the Vehicle will not drink alcoholic beverages while inside the Vehicle during the Program.

21) The Participants agrees that he or she will refrain from using a cell phone while operating the vehicle.

22) The Participants agrees that PETS OR ANIMALS ARE NOT ALLOWED in this Program.

23) The Participants understand and agree that he or she will be responsible for all liability, loss and damage to promoter, venue owner and FCA India incurred as a result of any breach by the Participants. Promoter, venue owner and FCA India' insurers shall have the right of subrogation against the Participants and any other party or parties responsible for such liability, loss or damage.

24) Participant(s) understands and agrees that all occupants of the vehicle must follow the traffic rules including speed limits, over taking and proper use of seat belts at all times .

25) Participants are aware that the fees towards the Program is being paid by them to a Third Party vendor organizing this Program as appointed by FCA India.

26) Participants are aware that the mere payment of the Program fees alone does not guarantee their participation into this Program unless the booking is confirmed in writing, and the confirmation of participation will be on a first come first serve basis.

27) The Booking of this Program is and shall not be saleable or transferable at any point of time.

28) Participants are aware that this Program will be designed and customized for the identified Participants, and therefore, in the event of cancellation of participation by the Participant, the Participation Fee will only be refunded at the discretion of FCA India provided FCA India finds exact number of other Participants as replacements to participate. No refund request shall be entertain if the cancellation request is made later than 10 (ten) days before the commencement of Program.

29) In the scenario of possible refund, Participants shall be notified and post notification the money will be refunded within Twenty One (21) working days after deducting the convenience fee, if any, charged by the payment gateway service provider.

30) No refund is applicable for unexpected and unplanned early departures.

31) No refund can be given for any unutilized services for any reason(s) what-so-ever including ill health, road blocks, natural calamities or any other reason beyond our control.

32) These Terms and Conditions shall inure to Participants’ successors and permitted assigns.

33) Each of the Participants agrees that any photographs, voice recordings or videotaping of them during Program may be used by FCA India, and their affiliates, dealers in whole or in part worldwide in perpetuity in any and all media now known or hereafter developed for any purposes whatsoever (including, without limitation, advertising, promotion, commercial or & informative) and without further compensation.

34) Participation fees, as communicated separately, shall include costs of accommodation on double occupancy, fixed menu of food and beverages during the Program (3 Meals/Day), Trail experience, Gala Night, Convoy drive and Instructor costs.

35) The participation fees is a per person cost. Participants are aware of the fees for the Program as well as the inclusions and exclusions from the fees as stated herein.

36) The following expenses shall be at the cost of the participant and will be borne and paid by the participants:

a) Any beverages during the Program, Convoy drive.
b) Costs incurred for Vehicle Transport for the program and also during the program viz; Fuel, Toll, Incidentals, Repairs, Fines and other Surcharges.
c) Costs towards Vehicle Repair or Maintenance if any incurred prior, during or after the program
d) Cost of transport of damaged Vehicle to the nearest Dealership if the vehicle suffer unrepairable damage.
e) Individual insurance costs of participants and vehicle
f) Costs towards previous medical ailments or conditions
g) Hospitalization costs
h) Personal expenses and additional

37) Each “Participating Car” will be allotted one (1) Room per night in which the occupants, shall stay.

38) One room will take a Maximum of three Adults or two adults and two children.

39) Separate and additional rooms, if needed, can be arranged, participants must contact the organizers Two (2) weeks in advance for this and will be paid for up by the participants directly at the Hotels.

40) Children above 10 years will be charged 100% at the rates applicable to Secondary Participants.

41) Only one extra bed per room can be given.

42) Service back up team of Mopar technicians will travel along-with the convoy to carry out repair if required to the best of their capability keeping the limitation imposed by natural conditions, terrain, climate and wildlife.

43) The Participants have read and understood these Terms and Conditions clearly. Each Participant represents and agrees that his/her participation in the Program is entirely at his/her independent choice after evaluating all risks involved in such Program.. Each of the Participants hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless promoter, venue owner and FCA India and its parent and affiliated companies, distributors, agents, assigns and licensees and the respective shareholders, directors, officers, employees and agents of each of the foregoing from and against all liabilities, obligations, losses, damages, penalties, claims, actions, suits, costs, charges and expenses, including without limitation, fees and expenses of legal counsel and expert witnesses, which may be imposed upon or incurred by or asserted against directly or indirectly, or any of them, by reason of actual or alleged bodily injuries, death, property damage or any other damages resulting from or occurring during participation in the Program.

44) FCA India reserves the rights to cancel, delay or postpone the Program as per FCA India’s own sole and absolute discretion. FCA India reserves the right to modify or amend Terms and Conditions of this Program at any time. FCA India will let the Participants know by posting the modified Terms and Conditions on the website or through other communications. It’s important for the Participants to review the modified Terms and Conditions because if the Participant continue to take part in the Program it is deemed indication that Participants agree to be bound by the modified Terms and Conditions.

45) Participants hereby agree to abide by these terms and conditions .

46) These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by Indian laws and any dispute arising between FCA India and the Participants will be subject to jurisdiction of courts in Mumbai only.